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BIHAN 6.50


After the launch of the Bihan 6,50 prototype in strip-planking, the Marine Composites shipyard asked us if we would design a series-produced version. This Bihan 6,50 is produced locally in infused glassfiber sandwich, with carbon spars and a fully retractible solid glassfiber keel fin. The boat's lightweight displacement gives it performance above any of its competitors and makes it easily trailerable. Both owners and crews are delighted by its elegance, its fun factor and its steering sensations.

A large locker in the cockpit sole gives enough stowage space for a dinghy, its engine, and all the mooring lines. An aft beam transfors into a boom support while mooring, and a mast support while (un)stepping it. Its self-tacking jib, houari mainsail and snuffer for the asymmetrical spinnaker, all make it a breeze to go sailing.


Lenght OA: 6,50 m

Beam: 2,54 m

Draft: 0,20/ 1,30m

Light displacement: 0,75 t

Upwind sail area: 28 m2

Downwind sail area: 48 m2



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