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The team at finot-conq consists of a mix of complementary skills with a common passion : sailing fast ! It is tight-knit and efficient, and totally commits to each project, in order to make of each boat an exceptional object.

Pascal Conq

Born in 1962, he spends his childhood in Roscoff, where he gets familiar with the marine environement, from oceanographic research to fishing, sailing and boat building. He designs and builds the first regatta boat equipped with a canting keel in 1982. In 1985, he graduates in Architecture, wins RORC races with Patrick Eliès, and wins the sailing Tour de France as the boat's navigator and tactician with his cousin Yannick Dupetit. That year, he also meets with Jean-Marie Finot, with whom he begins a fruitful cooperation of more than 25 years, and he becomes his associate in 1988. His involvement at that time concerns mainly every racing project, but he also designs the appendages and sail plans of every boat. In 2000, he moves to Vannes. Since the end of 2008, he manages finot-conq architectes.

He is in charge of the projects' orientation, consistency and principal decision making.

pascal conq_JM liot.jpg

David de Prémorel


Born in 1973, he's introduced to sailing at the age of 11, and immediately decides to grow up as a naval architect. A graduate in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, he joins groupe finot in 2001, after a first carreer in the aerospace and software industries. In 2008, he becomes Pascal Conq's partner in finot-conq. Fluent in three languages, he's responsible for the cruising and racing one-off projects, and for the structural, aero- and hydrodynamic engineering.


He brings scientific rigor in all that can be calculated.

David de Premorel_JM Liot.jpg

Pierre Forgia


Born in 1963, he's a design addict even at a very early age, because architecture is a family business at the Forgia's. A graduate in Architecture, Design and computer graphism, he collaborates with groupe finot as soon as 1993, both on boats and automobile projects. In 2008, he becomes Pascal Conq's partner in finot-conq. He creates the interior architecture, and both inside and outside styling of the cruising yachts.


He is a man of style and looks.

pierre forgia_Jm Liot.jpg

Erwan Gourdon


Born in 1980, he sails and races all around the place since his early age. He's a French national champion in several one-design regatta classes. A shipbuilding graduate, he also owns a Yacht and Powercraft Design BEng from the Southampton Institute, and joined groupe finot in 2005.

He is a partner in finot-conq since 2010.

He is the man of deck plans, boat and sails handling, weight schedules and boat equipment.


erwan gourdon_JMLiot.jpg
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