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FC   55



An Australian sailor asked us to study a preliminary design for his future 55-foot boat. His wish is to have an easy, comfortable and fast boat, with very good communication between the saloon/kitchen area and the cockpit. 

Thanks to the absence of a backstay, the mast carries a horned mainsail. the upwind sail area is 172m2. The carbon mast is moved back to have a balanced distribution of surfaces between mainsail and genoa.
The mainsail also has a better aspect ratio.

The composite lifting keel weighs 3.05 tonnes. It has a large draft (3.90m) for performance, and reduced to 1.70m thanks to a pivoting keel for access to the most protected anchorages.  It features an intelligent hydraulic system, to eliminate the nightmare of tailgating.

The view and natural lighting are generous. The ventilation is natural. The longitudinal tender garage is positioned under the cockpit. The salon and saloon are separated from the cockpit by a mainly transparent wall, with only 830mm of vertical offset. The boat has 4 watertight bulkheads and a crash box at the bow. The technical compartment under the cockpit is particularly large.


Length excluding tax:  17.56m
Hull length: 16.16m
Bau max: 5.26m
Draught: 3.75m liftable to 1.60m
Air draft: 23.30m
Empty travel:10T to 11T depending on the op
Ballasts: 1 ton per side
Upwind sail area:  175m2
Downwind sail area: 315m2
Volvo engine:75HP on sail drive
Fisher-Panda generator: 10kVA
Water capacity: 750l
Diesel capacity: 700l
Miscellaneous equipment A/C 36000 BTU, Bow and stern thruster, 2 freezers, electric winches,...
Construction site:  Knierim


Finot-Conq Architects

Archi. int. P Forgia/Finot-Conq
Exterior design P Forgia/Finot-Conq

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