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An evolution of the First 210, it remains fresh and smart even after more than twenty years. True to its timeless concept, more agressive and sporty looking, the First 20 has been updated and it is the best compromise in its category between safety, performance and comfort. Designed by finot-conq, its full yet sleek hull shape remains a reference for its stability. Its self-supporting rig allow a generous sail plan with a square top mainsail, a code zero and an optional asymmetrical spinnaker. The twin rudders and a chain locker are more highlights of this most enjoyable boat.

Always more habitable and comfortable, the First 20 did away with the bulkheads. Replacing the mast pillar with a structure integrated in the deck, there is no equivalent to this coastal cruiser's sense of inner space. The interiors are well lit thanks to the deck hatch, and featrue four berths and numerous stowage spaces.


Lenght OA : 6,40 m

Beam : 2,48 m

Draft : 0,70/ 1,80 m

Light displacement : 1,24 t

Upwind sail area : 26 m2

Downwind sail area : 39 m2


Architects Finot-conq

Exterior design Finot-Conq
Interior design. Finot-Conq/Beneteau 

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