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ex: Comme Un Seul Homme, DCNS

This is a 2007-generation IMOCA designed for Marc Thiercelin, who was seduced by the twin coachroof configuration of Hugo Boss. Hull and wingmast are identical to Britair's. The structural design is optimised, with intermediate modulus carbon fiber appearing the deck. The steel keel fin is made by DCNS in two thick machnied shells welded by electron beam. It is both thinner than a carbon fin, and lighter than a solid steel one. At the end of its lifetime, it was replaced by Eric Bellion before the Vendee Globe 2016. Damien Seguin owns this boat since 2017 under the name "Groupe APICIL", and it underwent a major weight-saving and optimisation refit in the winter of 2018-2019, in collaboration with finot-conq. This boat is also a central character in two cinema motion pictures.


Lenght OA: 18,28 m

Beam: 5,92 m

Draft: 4,50 m

Light displacement: <8,5 t

Shipyard: Multiplast/ Eluère


Architecture Design Finot-Conq       

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