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ex: MACSF, Your Name Around the World, Britair

This is a 2007-generation IMOCA designed for Armel Le Cleach, build in the same moulds as Generali, differing from it mostly by its wing mast. It is a light boat, which finished second of the Vendee Globe 2008, and has been regularly updated until 2010 and its second place in the Route du Rhum. Its carbon fiber keel fin is still the original one, and the tests show no sign of damage due to its age. In 2015, it was fitted with a new mast based on the IMOCA standard mast, and new rudders. Alan Roura owns this boat since 2017 under the name "La Fabrique", and he made a lot of optimisation works on it, culminating in 2018 with the installation of original G-shaped foils. These foils developped by finot-conq in collaboration with Michel Kermarec are an answer to a different set of specifications than most other foilers : improve downwind performance without degrading upwind performance, and without creating the need to reinforce the rest of the boat. In 2019, more optimisation works are done, mostly on the ballast tanks and the sail plan.


Lenght OA: 18,28 m

Beam: 5,92 m

Draft: 4,50 m

Light displacement: <8,5 t

Shipyard: Multiplast


Architecture Design Finot-Conq       

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