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MINI 2005

In 2005, three skippers gather around Thierry Fagnent of the AMCO shipyard, to develop and build a new mini prototype of our design. Starting from the well-proven basis of Dephemerid'eux, and keeping its general disposition, especially the deck ergonomics, a new hull shape is designed, much more powerful. The boat are equipped with wing masts and carbon fiber canting keels, and are extremely light thanks to Thierry's high end construction quality. Mini #618, Basecamp 2, is built for Peter Laureyssens, and is later owned by Olivier Avram, Lucas Montagne and Maxime Sallé. Mini #621, Dephemerid'trois is mainly skippered by Erwan Leroux, until it is bought by Vincent "Enzo" Busnel. Mini #667, Eva Luna, is built for Isabelle Joscke. It wins countless races and reaches legendary status. Amongst others, it wins the Transat 6,50 in 2009 skippered by Thomas Ruyant, and again in 2013, skippered by Benoit Marie, the 6th victory of a finot-conq boat out of 14 editions of this most exciting classe's main race.




Draft: 2.00m

Air draft: 12m

Travel: 0.75t

Manufacturer: AMCO


Architecture Design Finot-Conq       

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