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MINI 2019

The outcome of years of research

In early 2015, we have started an extensive research program on "scow" type hulls for Minis, and on their interactions with foils. The outcome of these studies, beyond vastly improving the productivity of our calculations on fast hulls, was very promising. So much so, that when Maxime Sallé, the owner of our 2005 Mini #618, asked us to design a new prototype, we had already logged 120,000(!) CPU hours of CFD calculation, giving birth to a hull shape both 40% more powerful and with 10% less drag than his old boat. This new boat will be equipped with foils, daggerboards ans T-foils on the rudders. Maxime, who is a first officer onboard a commercial ship, is building is boat himself with utmost care. Launch should take place in the summer of 2019.


Lenght OA: 6,50 m

Beam: 3,00 m

Draft: 2,00 m

Light displacement: NC

Upwind sail area: NC

Downwind sail area:  NC

Shipyard: Maxime Sallé


Architecture Design Finot-Conq       

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