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In 2007, Ivan Griboval introduced us to his project of single-handed around-the-world race in one-designs, financially more affordable than the Vendee Globe. At his request, we designed a 52 feet monohull, with hull shapes very inspired by the IMOCAs we had just designed, a larger coachroof, and lower aspect ratio sails with a wingmast. Unfortunately, the concept doesn't find its audience, and only one boat is launched. After several trips around the world as a scientific research platform, the boat is skippered by Sidney Gavignet in the Route du Rhum 2018, and wins the Rhum Mono class.

Solo Ocean_EXT_03_JM Liot.jpg


Bau: 5.25m

Draft: 4.1m

Air draft: 23.7m

2008 trip:6.9t

Manufacturer:JMV and Christian Britt

Launching: 10/24/2007


Architecture Design Finot-Conq       

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