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The Oceanis 45 has premiered two major changes : the mast had moved aft, for more balance of the sail plan both in area and aspect ratio, and the cockpit had grown bigger. The 46.1 goes even further in these directions. In addition, it benefits from our recent CFD research (computational fluid dynamics, or virtual tawing tank), by which we have obtained a more stable hull, without added drag. With its fuller, wider, but less deep forward sections, its hard chine, slightly stepped in the front, this is a powerful and well behaved boat, as evidenced by the first sea trials.

Converting puffs into speed rather than heel, it is a joy to steer. Unlike the Oceanis 45's single rudder, the 46.1's twin rudder virtually make wipeouts a thing of the past. Looking at the rig, the centered lower shroud allow a better circulation on the side deck, while the vertical shrouds on the sidewall offer all the stiffness needed to control the mast. A large bowsprit offset the downwing sails towards the front. Optionaly, the performance or carbon rigs are the perfect companions to the deepest draft keel, which, thanks to its lead bulb and favorable aspect ratio, could make one wish to sail upwind, even while cruising !

The hull's large front volumes, with their small step, give more width to the owner's cabin than most boats of the same size. The large saloon, with its modern style, is cosy and comfortable. The large hull windows bring a nice view towards the sea.


Lenght OA : 14,60 m

Beam : 4,50 m                                    

Draft short : 1,75 m                                       

Draft long : 2,35 m                        

Draft very long : 2,65 m                    

Light displacement : 10,60 t                     

Upwind sail area :102 m2

Downwind sail area : 196 m2

Fresh water capacity maxi : 570l          

Gasoil capacity maxi : 400l                             

Engine : 57HP 

European Yacht of the Year 2019

Architects Finot-conq
Exterior design Nauta
Interior design. Nauta

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