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The very successful Pogo 8.50 being now out of production, the Structures shipyard asked us to design the new smallest Pogo.
Slightly longer, it is now 30 feet long (9.14m), in a well contained budget. As always, the project's guidelines are modernity, simplicity and light weight. The deck layout and the coachroof went through a particularly extensive ergonomy and styling study. The chined hull is powerfull, with lots of volume in its front quarter to go earlier into planing, and it remains very well balanced. For enhanced performance, the upwind sail aera was increased from 57 to 66 sqm in 2018.

This is a comfortable boat, with simple interiors, offering extraordinary volume for a 30 footer, with lots of light, and with a nice view toward the outside and even the front when sitting or standing in the saloon.


Lenght OA: 9,14m

Beam: 3,70m

Draft: 1.05/ 2.50m

Light displacement: 2.8 t

Upwind sail area: 66 m2

Downwind sail area: 130 m2

Engine Volvo: 13HP


Architects Finot-conq

Exterior design P. Forgia/Finot-conq 
Interior design. Patrick Roseo

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