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The Pogo 40, and its racing version the Pogo 40S, were designed before the Class40 rule was written. They do not take full advantage of the maximum allowed width and power. In 2009, the Structures shipyard decides to renew this model, and asks us to design a boat that would have a cruising version (the Pogo 12,50), and a racing version (the Pogo 40S2), with only the straight, hard-chined hull in common. The first boat designed by finot-conq as an independent company located in Vannes, the 40S2 is a success. It wins numerous races and the Class40 World Championship in 2014.


Lenght OA: 12,18 m

Beam: 4,50 m

Draft: 3,00 m

Light displacement: 4,50 t

Shipyard: Structures


Architecture Design Finot-Conq       

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