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To try and close the gap in power between the Pogo 40S2 and the latest Class40 prototypes, the Structures shipyard asked us in 2013 to develop a new hull shape, to go with the S2's deck, thereby making the Pogo 40S3. With more front volume and more rocker aft, the S2's tendency to be slowed down by the waves is reduced. Very fast upwind, very safe downwind, it is a faster boat than the S2, but also less versatile. The increase in its power is too moderate to get the better of the most recent prototypes.


Lenght OA: 12,18 m

Beam: 4,50 m

Draft: 3,00 m

Light displacement: 4,50 t

Shipyard: Structures


Architecture Design Finot-Conq       

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